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SYS-ED's MS Visual Basic training program provides a project driven approach to coding, migrating, and refactoring Visual Basic programs; The duration of the comprehensive eight course program is 27 days; the client selects the optional courses. A lesson plan based upon the standards of the New York State Department of Education will be provided as part of qualifying the subject matter, examples, exercises, and program duration. Educational consultancy topics, inclusive of project specifications also can be incorporated into the program.

SYS-ED's training programs are taught using multiple delivery medium: distance-learning, classroom instruction, and blended learning. As part of conducting a training program, subject matter is organized for utilization in courseware as a learning center. In order to accommodate employee workloads and staff in remote geographic locations, a program can be scheduled over non consecutive weeks combining classroom instruction and distance-learning. At the client's discretion, a record of completed assignments, validation assessment, and a final examination can be utilized.

Microsoft Corporation policy is that there will be no new and subsequent releases of Visual Basic beyond 6.0. Accordingly, the courses and learning paths can used in evaluating and transitioning to Microsoft .NET technologies.

The course modules and duration can be used as a foundation to evaluate an integrated training program or select standalone courses.

Object Technology - Introduction Object Oriented Design Patterns for .NET MS ADO.NET: Programming
MS VB.NET: Programming MS VB.NET: Programming - Advanced MS VB.NET: XML Web Services
MS ASP.NET - Introduction MS ASP.NET - Intermediate MS ASP.NET - Advanced

MS Visual Basic Training Program

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Teaching Models

Teaching Models

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MS Visual Basic Programming 3 days
MS Visual Basic Programming - Advanced 3 days
MS Visual Basic: Internet Programming 4 days

Program Duration

10 days
Optional Courses
MS Visual Basic: ActiveX 2 days
MS Visual Basic: ODBC 2 days
MS Visual Basic and COM+ Programming 5 days
MS VB.NET Migration 4 days
MS VBA Programming 4 days

Module: MS Visual Basic Programming
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Facilities 2. Designing Visual Basic applications 3. Forms and menus
4. Event-driven procedures using controls 5. Building a file browser 6. Building a project
7. Datatypes 8. Writing programs 9. Language elements
10. Direct calls to window functions debugging 11. Using conditional logic and loops 12. Printing
13. DLL: Dynamic Link Libraries 14. Clipboard  

Module: MS Visual Basic Programming - Advanced
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Facilities 2. MDI: Multiple Document Interface 3. API's and DLL's
4. Accessing data with ADO 5. COM: Component Object Model 6. ActiveX code components
7. Creating ActiveX controls 8. Creating Internet applications 9. Code optimization

Module: MS Visual Basic: Internet Programming
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Visual Basic facilities for Internet programming 2. Interfacing with databases 3. Visual Basic versus VBScript
4. TCP/IP 5. Visual Basic HTML editor 6. Language elements
7. Functions 8. DHTML in Visual Basic 9. Positioning and grouping elements
10. Developing IIS applications 11. Custom webItems 12. State management
13. Coding Winsock 14. OOPs: Object oriented programming 15. Creating ActiveX servers
16. Client and server side functionality 17. Application and session objects 18. Application and sessions events

Module: MS Visual Basic: ActiveX
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Purpose and function 2. ActiveX 3. ActiveX
4. ActiveX Control 5. Distributing ActiveX Applications 6. Debugging
7. Programming Techniques    

Module: MS Visual Basic: ODBC
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Purpose and function 2. Data control 3. Dynasets and recordsets
4. Advanced topics 5. Interface to DB2, Oracle, Sybase, or SQL Server 6. Debugging
7. Programming techniques    

Module: MS Visual Basic and COM+ Programming
Duration: 5 days
Major Topics:
1. Object oriented development 2. Code reuse design 3. Data tier design
4. Data tier configuration 5. Optimization techniques 6. Accessing data
7. ActiveX data objects 8. ADO 9. Integration with SQL Server
10. Building components 11. COM+ base services 12. Components
13. ActiveX controls 14. ActiveX documents 15. COM+ architecture
16. Windows DNA model 17. Component services 18. DCOM: Distributed COM
19. Building web applications    

Module: MS VBA Programming
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Featureset 2. VBA programming facility 3. Variables and constants
4. Control structures 5. Built-in VBA functions 6. Working with events
7. Reusable procedures 8. Working with user forms 9. VBA object models
10. Error handling 11. Debugging VBA code 12. Putting it all together

Module: MS VB.NET: Migration from Visual Basic 6
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Conversion Wizard 2. VB.NET 2010 3. .NET Framework 4.0
4. Visual Studio 2010 IDE 5. VB projects 6. Datatypes and expressions
7. Exception handling 8. OOP with Visual Basic 2010 9. Database access using ADO.NET
10. Calling Windows API 11. COM Interop in VB.NET 12. Web services

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