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The MS SQL Server Database Administrator training program is comprised of SQL fundamentals, database administration, Transact-SQL programming, and performance design topics; the standard duration is 12 days with an additional 10 days for Warehousing and Report features. A lesson plan based upon the standards of the New York State Department of Education will be provided as part of qualifying the subject matter, examples, exercises, and program duration.

SYS-ED's training programs utilize the full complement of delivery medium: distance-learning, web-based, and technology driven classrooms. As part of conducting a training program, subject matter is organized for utilization in courseware as a learning center. In order to accommodate employee workloads and staff in remote geographic locations, component courses can be scheduled over non-consecutive weeks combining classroom training and distance-learning. At the client's discretion, a record of completed tasks, validation assessment, and a final examination can be utilized.

The course modules and duration can be used as a foundation to evaluate an integrated training program or select standalone fast-track courses.

MS SQL Server Database Administration Training Program

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Teaching Models

Teaching Models

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MS SQL Server: Transact-SQL Programming 4 days
MS SQL Server 2012: Administration 4 days
MS SQL Server: Database Design and Implementation 4 days

Program Duration

12 days
Optional Courses  
MS SQL Server 2012: Data Warehouse 5 days
MS SQL Server 2012: Analysis and Reporting 5 days
MS SQL Server 2012: New Features 2 days

Module: MS SQL Server: Transact-SQL Programming
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Developer tools 2. Retrieving data 3. Multi-table queries
4. Constructing complex statements 5. Executing FULL_TEXT searches 6. Managing data and concurrency
7. Server-side code 8. Stored procedures 9. Advanced TRANSACT_SQL constructs
10. Creating USER_DEFINED functions 11. Formulating triggers 12. Performance tuning and optimizing queries

Module: MS SQL Server 2012: Administration
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. MS SQL Server: planning and installation 2. Upgrade Advisor 3. Database creation and maintenance
4. Replication 5. Resource governor 6. Data management tasks
7. Common commands 8. Automating administrative tasks 9. AlwaysOn availability
10. Creating the windows cluster 11. Compression 12. Securing SQL Server 2012
13. FileTable solutions 14. Contained and noncontained databases 15. Performance bottlenecks

Module: MS SQL Server: Database Design and Implementation
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Programming SQL Server 2. Creating and managing databases 3. Creating data types and tables
4. Implementing data integrity 5. Planning, creating, and maintaining indexes 6. Implementing views
7. Stored procedures 8. User-defined functions 9. Triggers
10. Multiple servers 11. Query performance 12. Managing transactions and locks

Module: MS SQL Server 2012: Data Warehouse
Duration: 5 days
Major Topics:
1. Data warehousing basics and hardware 2. Designing and implementing a data warehouse 3. ETL with SSIS
4. Debugging and troubleshooting SSIS packages 5. Incremental ETL process 6. Data from the cloud into a data warehouse
7. Master data services 8. Deploying and configuring SSIS packages 9. Consuming data in a data warehouse

Module: MS SQL Server 2012: Analysis and Reporting
Duration: 5 days
Major Topics:
1. Business intelligence and data modeling 2. Basic SQL Server reporting services 3. Self service reporting
4. Report execution and delivery 5. Security settings 6. Multidimensional databases
7. MDX: multidimensional expressions 8. Tabular data model 9. DAX
10. Creating data visualizations 11. Performing predictive analysis 12. Data mining

Module: MS SQL Server 2012: New Features
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Multi-subnet failover clustering 2. Business Intelligence and web development environment improvements 3. Web-based visualization
4. File table solutions 5. Contained and noncontained databases 6. AlwaysOn availability
7. Upgrade Advisor 8. Data quality services 9. ColumnStore indexes
10. Ad-hoc query paging 11. Enhanced EXECUTE keyword 12. Get metadata

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